Monday, July 11, 2016

Adding a Chandelier

Adding a Chandelier 

Does your home need a little extra elegance or an added touch to make a room pop or additional lighting?  A great way to enhance any room is to add a chandelier. 

Focal point

Take your room from dull and drab to bright and fabulous just by adding a chandelier.  Choosing a chandelier that fits your tastes and style will create a beautiful focal point in any room.  With so many choices, you will have no problem picking the one that is best for you. 

Added Light

If you are looking to add some light to an existing room or if you need light over a table but you don’t want direct light, then a chandelier would be a beautiful addition.  Chandeliers come in many size options from as little as 3 lights to numerous points of light. 


Chandeliers can create dramatic lighting options.  A multi faceted chandelier can create beautiful light patterns and shadows.  When you have a chandelier installed you will also have a dimmer switch.  You will be able to set any mood you desire by being able to adjust the brightness of your light.  If you are hosting a dinner party, maybe turn the lights up a bit.  For that romantic dinner, bring the lights down to create ambiance for the occasion. 

Hire an electrician

Once you have decided to add a chandelier, do not attempt install on your own.  This is a larger job and should be done by a professional.  Your local, licensed electrician will be able to put the chandelier in the spot you want, with a dimmer switch added without any effort on your part.  The job will be done quickly and expertly and you will be enjoying your new chandelier in no time. On Time Electric of Tampa can help with any electrical need from installs to troubleshooting. Call today 813-545-9333