Saturday, April 23, 2016

Adding a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Installation

Spring is a great time to add a new ceiling fan to any room of your home, even outside.  Ceiling fans can add to the décor and function of any room in your home.  There are several benefits to having ceiling fans indoors and out. It is always important to hire a licensed electrician to properly install your new ceiling fan. Take a look at the benefits:

Climate Control
Sure, you have a well functioning a/c unit but having a ceiling fan will increase air circulation and keep your home at a more constant temperature.  With a ceiling fan running you won’t feel bursts of cold air or stints of stagnant air.  Also, by helping the air circulate more effectively, your HVAC unit will take less of a burden, therefore cutting down on your electric bill. 

If you are looking to add lighting to any room, a ceiling fan with lights is a great idea.  There are typically 3-4 directional lights on a ceiling fan.  When you have one installed you will see an immediate difference in the brightness of your room.  Ceiling fans are also made to be energy efficient and if you use them for lighting you will likely be cutting down on using additional table and floor lamps thus cutting your energy costs. 

If you have a covered lanai or patio area, you should have a ceiling fan installed outside. The air tends to get stagnant under cover and the ceiling fan will circulate the air creating a more comfortable space.  Also, bugs don’t tend to hover when the air is moving. 

Ceiling fans come in a wide variety of colors and styles.  You can enhance your décor by choosing a decorative ceiling fan that goes with the style of your room.

There are many great reasons to have a new ceiling fan installed.  Call On Time Electrician today to schedule an appointment. 813-545-9333